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tv   [untitled]    June 7, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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i think the council has adequately addressed is. i think he has adequately explained why this is the nuts and environmental effects. i heard about the distinction between a program and project. it is opposed to a project. it is included. there is some degree of flexibility. for those to be included, it
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xxreflects an necessary components. i think we all hope there will be work. we are all aware of financial realities. we are permitted to think in the long term. the company has been involved since 1989. in the course of that, we worked closely with the other units.
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there is a degree possible to the new project. every conference i go to has a mandatory mantra. there is a crying of the development. people have to drive a long way. the density is not balanced. i have been involved in this. let's see. what would be a model project to
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be? it would have open space. it would have balanced density. it had ample affordability. it could have historic preservation. it did have a creative design. -- it would have a creative design and nimble financing. i think i just described the project. thank you. >> the next speaker. >> they have been an fault with this project from the beginning. we have supported it through these years. we will push very hard for the
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increase in density we thought was necessary. we are happy to see this courhae been. we urge you to deny the pila pe- appeal. you'll never have an opportunity to start a new neighborhood trash. this is the only place in the city where you can do that. if you do it, yet the 21st neighbor appeared ineighborhood. please, move the project forward. >> thank you. >> good evening. i lived and worked in san
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francisco for eight years so. i go back to the northeastern part did the city. i believe what i have seen have been is something that has to be countered in the future. he makes it possible to do it. it will relieve the pressure on housing prices. i respect all of you for having asked so many questions about what will happen. i would suggest they your concerns are valid. i hope he may get possible to unfold. there are capable people that are working on this.
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i believe that you and all of us will have a workout the way we feel it should. >> good evening. we are nonprofit organization. we have been working to tie down the city. 40 acres -- we are looking forward. >> good evening. i fully support this project.
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we feel the positives outweigh the negatives. what we really like is the fact of the development. this is an unprecedented race. out of the 300 acres of open space, 40 have been set aside. my organization recognizes thousands. the kids are trying to offer this. we feel the new sports facility will have that. i urge you to support the project. thank you very much. >> i work with a non-profit. we have been on treasure island for over 12 years. we have this coming to our
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housing program. they are familiar. they know where to come. they are looking forward to continuing the tradition. they are down in some of the other areas. we have to jump over people that are not recovering. we have been able to save them countless dollars in emergency services in stabilize is. it is a wonderful tradition. we have been here for 10 years. i hope that you can certify the report and denied the appeal. >> >> the beginning. i am when the veterans on treasure island.
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-- i am one of the veterans on treasury appeared i used to be homeless. i have a life. he supervises have to do this. have a good night. the evening. -- good evening. >> i would also like to appeal this. i have been a cheshire island seven months. i have a lot of things to work on. i know a lot to people there.
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they need to bring them back. >> i am a former vietnam navy veteran. i went through 15 years of homelessness. i answered this program. there is a lot to be said about going through a transitional housing program. there are understanding people and other veterans. the last three years i have found permanent housing.
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i am a strong advocate. there with plenty more coming back. we support it strongly. we ask that you did that disappeared it is simply not supported by any evidence available to scientists aren't engineers. it is an adequate.
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it puts it public at risk. it has been violated. is not supported by any evidence. the assertion that if this were sent back and we studied the side for another 30 years, we will come up with an economically feasible project that is significantly different than what is before you today. the justices seemed to make sense. the idea that one -- it is why make such good environmental cents and mrs. forward. -- environmental sense.
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not many folks have participated. >> did evening. i think this project is a very smart one. the our jobs, parks, schools, runs. i urge you to move forward. >> thank you. >> i'm sherri williams.
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we are the hiring hall for the program. they have the support. i we are here to certify them. it is said the project can finally get started. they currently have 250,000 units. it represents about seven and a thousand. meanwhile, it'll facilitate environmental cleanup and improvement. edulcorate committee -- it will cultivate committee amendment. we urge you to move the project forward to employ thousands more. it also provides more safety and
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services. thank you very much. >> good evening. my name is emily rappaport. i am a resident of treasure island. i also work on treasure island. everything that has been done has been to the betterment of
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the program. i am urging q to pass it -- urging you to pass it. those of us who live there really want to see this happen. there is so many benefits that have been given to us. i am asking you for myself to pass is a move the project forward. >> we are a proud member of tihda. we support 200 families.
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we urge you to find that it is an adequate documents. we urge you to certify a that it is legal and to certify it and urge them to improve the document. with schools and parks and jobs and services. we have waited long enough. he will move forward. thank you very much. >> that afternoon.
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i currently bid on the island. i came there in 2009. and join them. my daughter also goes to the day care. i urge you to appeal it. thank you very much.
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i deny you the appeal to certify it. it is time to get started. >> i am very involved in the islands. there're collect over 300 signatures.
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i am speaking for myself. that would like to encourage you to vote in favor. in my opinion it is well research. as a residence, ito benefit with the new jobs. >> good evening. we want to urge you to support it. we are focusing on the environment.
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it provide social services. >> i am here to speak on behalf of this paren. i am a resident of san francisco. i've been in various meetings. it is a well-planned project. it is a beautiful project. it is how proud we are of the project.
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this is the economics say we find ourselves some. people that are financially secure would benefit some money. you are all public servants. encouraged by the questions last night. again, i urge you to pass it and reject this bill. thank you. >> thank you. i would like to address certain
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architectural aspects. let's hope that this project turned up to be a people course rather than the clumsy camel. it has not been worked out in detail. i would like to see a golden tower rise as a star structure. designed by a star architects. it is way beyond the golden gate. it would shine back on san francisco.
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this would be centering around the whole area. >> could evening. thank you for your time. it has been involved in the development. we have come to expect a board of supervisors to ask this. at the ended the day, when you
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look at the threshold, it is here. i will barrault its. it has a take for transportation. it is in doors on the project. they talk about tsunamis and sea walls. lastly, there is planning. circulation is a requirement.
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we have to move to the next level. we also have opportunities to look at this project. >> this is with catholic charities. i am a participant in the program.
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i want you to go down the appeal. it does not work. it does not work. >i am urging you to go ahead and develop the housing. i'm one of these families that will be a directly affected.
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i have lived in shelters before. i urge them to propose the appeal.
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i urge you to go ahead with the proposal. it will defilade the housing. periods beforthe three go down ,